The Search For Ancestral Deities

Working with deities as archetypes in my spiritual practice is something new for me – as I re-entered my spiritual practice as a refreshed awakening, I found myself guided to work with Hecate and Selene, goddesses of the Dark and Full Moons respectively. This made great sense, as Sister Moon has been a constant companion to my heart, soul, and imagination ever since I was a small child. Over the past year and a bit I have developed a close bond with both of these lunar goddesses, yet as I began to delve deeper into my studies I found myself pausing and asking myself why I would be working with a pantheon that hails from a heritage I have no claim to? To my knowledge, there is not an ounce of Grecian blood in my ancestry.

It was at this point in time that it dawned on me that it would be more suitable to explore the legends and pantheon of my own heritage to which I feel so deeply connected – if spirit is the knowing of self as we connect to and belong in the universe, is reaching back through the threads of the ancestry which has brought us here today not perhaps the most valid avenue to deepening that universal self-exploration?

Enter the Norse Pantheon…

As I begin to explore the pantheon  of my Norse heritage, I find more and more that it resonates in a way that the Greek and Roman legends never really could – given the deep ancestral roots my family has in Denmark and Finland, along with the close and loving relationship I shared with both of my grandparents on that side, this comes as pretty much a no-brainer. Both times that I was fortunate enough to visit Denmark, I had an incredible sense of comfort and belonging… I know this is not a unique experience – my husband felt the same way when we visited Scotland, the heritage of his ancestral past. The fact that this is such a visceral knowing experience speaks loudly to the concept of ancestral memory stored in our DNA.


stand tall by

It is the conscious and subconscious choices made by people I will never have the honour of meeting which has brought me here as I am today.


While I feel confident that this is the path for me, I’m certainly no expert in Norse archetypes, and I may well never be – I stand at the gateway of what will surely be a lifelong study and adventure in connecting to that which reaches into my family’s prehistory.

I’ve researched and gathered reputable resources on Norse Shamanism to assist me along that path, secured a Norse themed tarot deck to use solely in my ancestor work, and even have a 23andMe DNA test that I’ll be mailing in next month to get a clearer snapshot of my cultural and ethnic background.  When considering the experimentation I have invested into finding my way to this point, the biggest motivation towards this branch of exploration is that it simply FEELS RIGHT – much as when shopping for clothing, it is my experience that sussing out a personalized spiritual pathway requires a certain level of trying things on to see what truly fits.

It is through spiritual experimentation that my soul will find its way home…

I learned long ago that my heart and soul know the way to go, and so I will allow them to lead me into that fabled land where Vikings sailed the seven seas and Valkyries swooped down from the heavens to collect fallen warriors… These are the rituals and stories that my ancestors lived, breathed, and passed on to one another, and it is my hope that they gather me up, and take me to that place where the Thousand Loves who have launched me on the journey of this lifetime await my awakening to thier presence.