Being A Tarot Rebel

In honour of International Tarot Day, Tarot Prose asked the Tarot Rebels online group what it means to be a Tarot Rebel. I was inspired to be poetic:


tarot rebel

Being a Tarot Rebel means to me
The ability to set the 78 cards free –
Free from meanings learned by the book,
Interpreting instead by how the cards look.
Free to explore our intuition,
Free to read without inhibition!
Free to experiment beyond set traditions,
Or honour those customs if that is your mission.
Reading with spirit, but analytical too,
Choosing the path that is right for YOU!

Being a Tarot Rebel means freedom, I feel
The chance to go spin that old tarot Wheel,
And see where it lands, whether fortune or fail –
If we never explore, then we’ll never prevail.