Beltaine -aka- The Lust For Life

Although I have always honoured and observed the “quarter days” of the solstice and equinox as a natural rhythm to life, as I continue to explore my spirituality in greater depth I find I am looking to participate in the “cross-quarter” celebrations, such as today’s Beltaine.

As these holy days are a relatively new experience for me, I come to them with fresh eyes and an open heart, ready to discover where they come from, and how they fit into a modern-day practice. Armed with my usual gusto for research, I set off to learn about the traditions of this cross quarter festival to see how I might incorporate it into my day.


Wheel of the Year showing the witch’s quarter and cross-quarter holy days.

Placed on the 1st of May, Beltaine marks the entry way into the warmer seasons in the northern hemisphere – it’s themes revolve around the concepts of fertility, reproduction, and rebirth.

All around us the world is springing back to life – the fiddleheads are up, trees are blossoming, and the grass is once again a lush deep green. Animals have awakened from thier winter naps, or returned from thier annual migration to warmer climes, and are competing for a mate. Fields and gardens are being prepared for the season’s planting. Beltaine also marks the union of the horned god and the earthy goddess, who then set down to the frisky business of consummating their marriage. At the very heart of Beltaine, there is an overlying theme of the rise of sexual energy!



Pan’s frisky energy and lust for life is all around us during Beltaine!


Beltaine is a sexy festival – it celebrates life, procreation, passion, and having a bit of a naughty romp out in the fresh air, touched by the gentle spring sunlight. It is the wild energy that bursts forth after a long, dark winter, the bright spark that sets a fire in our belly which may set us on a new pathway or discovery, or serve to re-kindle a long lost interest. Beltane celebrates LIFE in all it’s sultry, sensual, and impassioned persona – what’s not to like?

While working magick and ritual to ensure fertility is a fine idea for the garden, crops, or those who are looking to add a new face to the family, it isn’t exactly the sort of thing a witch who is childfree by choice would want to wish for! While I love the sexy-time I share with my horned god (hey – I’m married to a Capricorn, afterall!) we in no way wish for our scared, spicy, and sensual union to spring forth any life other than our own. Obviously, the theme of fertility and sexual reproduction is not one that piques my particular fancy. That said, a clever witch can always find a way to embrace, honour, and work within the themes of the season.

Never one to shy away from adapting as needed, instead of focusing on the theme of fertility as a reproductive matter, I chose to point it in the direction of my creativity.

Currently occupying the role of creative director on a 10-week long project, I’m the official “buck stops here” in terms of all things visual where it comes to said project, which means I’m not only the fancy-schmancy creative director, but the all-around artistic grunt in charge of design, artwork, storyboards, and animation. No doubt I have been having to dig deep into my well of creativity, which makes this the perfect time to lay down a proverbial spread of life-supporting fertilizer!

My Beltaine meditation and ritual has therefore been aimed at nurturing and feeding the seeds of my creative spirit so that I may continue to burst forth with the passion required to bring my creative work to life. I honour the fertile landscape of my creative mind, the wild explorations of my abilities, and the passion that this creativity brings my life! In this way, I am reborn and give birth to fresh life with each new endeavour… If that doesn’t encapsulate the fiery, sexy, seductive spirit of Beltaine, I don’t know what does!

Oh yes – my sexy horned god. Well, let’s just say we will be performing our own intimate ritual in the spirit of this high holy day a little later on…



I can’t help but think that Pan himself would approve…


May your May Day, Walpurgis Day/Night, Beltaine (in all of its various spellings) or whatever else you may call this day see you reborn into the season, imbued with passion, ready for adventure, and oozing with sex appeal!