Declining A Tarot Reading

I got into tarot reading specifically to read for myself, with no intention of making this my profession. That doesn’t mean I don’t read for others, but it does mean I get to be a little more choosey in who and what I will read for. My response to inappropriate seekers or questions ranges from full-on decline, a redirect, and a soft approach that may involve rephrasing the question.  In descending order from the hard line to the soft, here is my list of what I will and won’t read for:

attitude is everything!

The first reading I ever declined was for someone who became demanding of my time and energy to the point of being belligerent. Sorry honey, but ain’t nobody got time for your entitlement bullshit! Attitude is everything, and the wrong attitude will see me declining to read everytime.


Approach a tarot reading with a sense of entitlement? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Another attitude that would give me pause is the Testing Skeptic. The Testing Skeptic doesn’t really believe in tarot, but they just can’t help but satisfy thier need to test the waters. I’ve never had the occasion to read for this sort of person myself, but I can’t say I’d turn the challenge down outright – it all depends on where *my* attitude would be on that day.

there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Except for when the there is. Ok, I’ve never really been asked a stupid question, (and before anyone gets thier tarot knickers in a knot, I am being cheeky with that subject header) but there are questions I generally try to steer away from, such as readings dedicated solely to the topics of health or pregnancy. These questions tend to be shrouded in a murky cloud of expectant emotions that I have little interest in engaging with. If the topic comes up in the cards, fine, but my style of reading isn’t geared towards answering what should really be discussed with professionally trained medical advisors. Or, ya know… Go buy a pregnancy test.


The Magic 8-Ball has to right in regards to health and pregnancy questions.


gaze into my crystal ball…

Rather than outright decline a reading,  sometimes I will redirect the seeker to another reader whose style is more in-line with thier question. This is certainly so with readings of a psychic nature – my reading style is more one of exploring options, seeking guidance, and personal growth. Redirecting fortune telling reads to someone who specializes in them is centered wholly on providing the right fit for the seeker so that thier needs can be fully met.

yes, no, or maybe?

When I first got into reading the cards, I actively avoided yes or no questions. In my experience, tarot has so much more to offer than a simple yes or no! In the past year, I’ve loosened up on this somewhat, and will now read these more black or white questions, with the caveat that the reading will offer deeper guidance rather than an outright answer. The yes or no part of the equation is up to the seeker to decide based on the advice given by the cards.


A la Little Britain – “tarot cards say no….”


yes, yes, yes! a thousand times yes!

Lest we end this topic on a negative note, I think it’s important to touch base in the sorts of things I love to read for! Since my reading style focuses on the exploration of options and possibilities, personal growth, and guidance;  I love reading for questions where the seeker is weighing different options, looking for a fresh perspective on a scenario, or searching for a way to bring a positive outcome to a challenging situation. I find tarot can help freshen up our approach to the most mundane of queries, and for that reason have rarely found a need to decline reading for someone, and that makes me happy… Tarot is a wonderful gift to share with others, and in most cases so long as it doesn’t cross personal ethics, and the reader is able to provide the seeker with the services they require, there is a way to work with spirit of the question as asked.

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