Drawing Down The Moon

No matter how hard I try, the demands of my mundane life eventually infringe upon my magickal life. Some things like filing taxes with the IRS will not be denied – they demand my attention, my energy, and my time. Things start to slip – my awareness wanders so much that I am suddenly left wondering how Tyler’s green toothbrush got into my hand instead of my lavender one.

At times like these where I feel my spiritual center slipping away from me, I always go back to the moon.


Image by liquitine


When in doubt, look to Sister Moon.

The moon ebbs and flowes in her energies – now she is bright and shining, next she is dark, gone away to restore herself in solitude. With her, she pulls the tides – now high, now low. Why should my spiritual practice not be subject to the same?

Rather than feeling at a loss during those times where my Witchy Ways are less than optimal, I have learned to take my cues from the moon… She waxes and wanes, and so too do I.

My Full Moon observances follow no set path or routine.

They may be simple acts of giving back  by way of thankfulness and gratitude, or an ornate ritual celebrating the culmination and conclusion of months of magickal workings. They may be a simple observation, the lighting of a candle, and a visit with Selene. It all depends on where I am at within my own lunar cycle at the time. Need trumps tradition.

And so it is at tonight’s Full Moon that I seek a blessing and a reconnection of awareness. I have worked hard these past several months to clear my plate, and that depth of awareness that is my spiritual center has been the cost. Tonight is the night that I regain it.

Not with a fancy ritual, not with any pomp and circumstance, but simply by creating the space to sit in the moonlight, under the arms of the blossoming hawthorn, and invite it back in.

So mote it be,
And so it is.