Finding Time For Spirit

We all get busy in our lives. Balancing the needs of career, family, and social obligations, plus all the mundane aspects such as doing laundry and paying bills can be a never ending list of tasks that deny us the option of putting off them for another time. Even when happily taking on these responsibilities, we can tip past the point of balance where personal needs and self-care take a backseat to honouring the commitments we have made, making finding time for spirit extra challenging.

Neglecting to care for spiritual self is akin to neglecting to care for physical self.

Not many of us would willingly go a day without rest, nourishment, or hydration. Sure, sometimes we may get less rest than we’d like, or maybe eat smaller meals in a quicker fashion, but we rarely forgo them completely. Our spiritual practice deserves the same consideration – rather than setting it aside,  what about looking into scaling it to fit into those less-than-ideal periods where we don’t have as much time or energy to invest into it as we would prefer?



Discovering this spiral petroglyph while on my Sunday morning hike was a timely reminder that spirit is all around us.


Finding a way towards snack-sized spirituality:

So you don’t have time to sit down at a full 8-course meal. That’s okay – there are other ways to honour your spiritual practice without having to delve into a deep 10-card spread tarot reading or a 2 hour long full moon ritual. There are simple, everyday things that you likely already do that keep your spiritual channel clear and flowing! In fact, it is these everyday engagements that form the foundation of spirit even more so than elaborate rituals.

Discovering what those everyday things are lies in understanding your own spiritual purpose. I’m big on stripping things down to thier bare essentials, so one night when I was feeling like I hadn’t been able to find the time to engage with my practice as deeply as I would like to, I took pen to paper and whittled my spiritual practice down to it’s three main components:


Armed with the essence of what I seek to achieve in my practice, it was time to take a look at how I manifested those three main points of my spirituality into my everyday without any pomp or circumstance. I was delighted to find that I celebrate my spirituality in numerous snack sized ways throughout the day, everyday!

Some of the key ways I engage with spirit along with a few tips gathered from other like-minded folks are as follows:


Unplug: it can be tempting to jump right into the day with social media or work related emails, but I  like to think about the morning as setting the tone for the rest of my day. I don’t want to rush through it.

Greet The Day and drink in all the possibility and opportunity this new cycle presents.

Meditate: I like to start my day with a chakra meditation. I do this in bed after first waking, before getting up. Not only does this allow me the time I need to truly rouse myself, but it makes sure I start my day in a spiritual way! Even just 5 minutes of meditation is beneficial.

Engage In Mindfulness:  you don’t have to meditate to be mindful – enjoy a morning meal or beverage without the distractions of the phone or online world while focusing awareness on the sights, sounds, and scents of the surrounding environment whether indoors or out is an excellent exercise in being fully present.

Pull A Daily Tarot Card: One card don’t take as much time to read larger spreads, and you get the added bonus of becoming more familiar with your deck. You can either pull the card in the morning or at the end of your day, and reflect upon how it’s message has manifested for you.

Read a short bite-sized passage from a book that inspires you, or adds to your knowledge base – all the better if it aligns with your spiritual practice!

Walk or Hike: even in the city Mother Nature shows signs of the seasons – take notice of the shifting light, the stages of a plant’s growth, or the temperature of the breeze – connecting to nature always helps me to connect to myself.

Keep Talismans And Vignettes As Reminders: wearing a piece of jewellery that reminds me of my spiritual path, or keeping crystals and a photo of a loved one in my workspace help me to remember that there are things outside of the task at hand that are more encompassing than the demands of my career.

Daily Exercise: I’m not big fan of exercise for exercise’s sake, but even I can bust out 10 minutes of daily yoga. Yoga is all about flexibility, so I don’t have a set time for this – so long as I get it done before bedtime, I’m golden.

Cooking As A Spiritual Practice: everyone knows we witches make magic happen in the kitchen! Thank your garden as you harvest from it, and express thanks to all the hands that brought the food from the field to your table as you prepare items from the market. If you eat meat, it is always a good idea to share a kind thought to the animal who made the ultimate sacrifice for your nourishment. Invest love and mindfulness into the sustenance you prepare.

Observe The Moon: if you’re a sucker for the celestial like I am, this is a no-brainer. If not, what are you waiting for?! Check out the stars and the moon in the night sky, and feel at home in your place in the cosmos; or manage certain household duties around the cycle of the moon – planting the garden, or cleansing/clearing space, for instance.

Attitude of Gratitude: reflect upon the gifts of the day, and practice gratitude for them, even the challenging bits.


Really, there isn’t much in the above list that takes up too much time – if preparing a meal, it doesn’t take anymore time to express thankfulness for what I am preparing, nor does it take more time to open my awareness to the environment when I am drinking my morning cuppa or moving about – it actually adds to my enjoyment of those moments, which is a nice little feel-good reward system for taking time to connect with spirit. Understanding that even though the above points don’t take much time, there may still be days where I slip – and that’s okay, too! Being able to extend compassion and forgiveness to ourselves is a part of a healthy daily spiritual practice as well.


Spiritual books that can be read in snippets, pulling a daily tarot card, keeping crystals nearby, and wearing ritual jewellery are easy ways to keep spirit nearby in busy times.

Finding time for your spirit…

I expect that being the unique beautiful snowflakes that we all are, your list of spiritual components will differ from my own. Taking the time to boil it down to it’s essence really helped me see in which ways I celebrate and engage with spirit everyday, and not just during those times where I’ve got out my magickal tools, and incense is floating in the air… Don’t get me wrong, I love the formal aspects of spiritual practice as well, but knowing I am talking my talk while walking my walk outside of those times is to me the basis of living a spiritual life.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or habits for engaging in spirit when times get hectic? Share your wisdom in the comments, I’d love to know more about the various ways you connect with spirit when life gets busy!