Full Moon Magick


Also known as the Worm Moon or Sap Moon, northern people named this moon for the cawing of the crows which signal the end of winter.


The Full Moon is a phase of the moon where there is very little confusion. As the closest heavenly body to the earth, it has captured our imagination from time immemorial, bringing about numerous traditions and beliefs, as well as stories of shapeshifting such as the werewolf; one of the most ancient and culturally widespread legends associated with the Full Moon.

The Full Moon arrives 14 days after the Dark Moon, and is the point in the lunar cycle where the moon has reached 100% illumination. It is also at the pinnacle of it’s appearance in the night sky, rising at sunset and setting at sunrise, making it visible for the duration of the night sky. Along with the New Moon, the Full Moon is a time where it is aligned with the sun, and has the greatest effect on the tides. Given that we are more than 60% water, there is speculation that this may be part of the reason some people’s behaviour changes drastically during the Full Moon, and is perhaps where the legend of the werewolf originated.

Magickally speaking, the Full Moon relates to the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess, and has associations with numerous deities. As such, it is a key time to pay homage to or request intuitive guidance from the goddesses that correspond to the moon. The Full Moon is the point at which many traditions hold an esbat. While working within a group is often associated with Full Moon rituals such as Drawing Down The Moon, participation in these rituals is not only reserved for those in a coven, but can be tailored to suit the solitary practitioner as well.

Whether practicing with others or on one’s own, the Full Moon carries a theme of completeness, and is a powerful time for manifesting desires into fruition. The Full Moon is associated with intuition, and is a good time for divination, or performing rituals focused on the personal growth and spiritual development, as well as focusing on health and healing work. Given that the Full Moon energy is cleansing and energizing, many magickal practitioners will set out thier spiritual tools in a protected area for the purification and rejuvenation that the moonlight provides. It is beneficial to allow ourselves the same opportunity  for refreshment by spending some time out under the Full Moon’s bright light as well!



Tarot cards, ritual jewellery, and moon-attuned crystals set out to bathe in the light of the Full Moon.


The Full Moon gifts us with it’s energy for a period of three full days, which allows us ample time to work with it. This energy is so potent, that it is possible to reap its benefits regardless as to whether the moon is actually visible or not – even when hidden behind cloudy skies, the Full Moon will bless our workings with its presence, gently imbuing everything we work towards with strength of purpose, clarity of vision, and unbounded potential.

I wish you all the most abundantly joyful of Full Moons!


Other Full Moon facts that come in handy when considering ritual, magickal workings, and meditations:

  • The Full Moon is at 100% illumination , arriving 14 days after the Dark Moon
  • The Full Moon is visible throughout the night sky, rising at sunset and setting with sunrise the next morning
  • The time between Full Moons is known as a Synodic month, which is 29.530587981 days long
  • Full Moon energy is present for three full days, starting 24 hours before the night of the Full Moon, and ending 24 hours after
  • The Full Moon is the time where the moon’s energy is considered to be at it’s most powerful
  • The moon’s energy is potent, even when hidden behind clouds
  • Full Moon energy is a wonderful way to cleanse and energize spiritual tools
  • Full Moon magick is best suited to intuition and divinity, manifestation, and bringing things to fruition
  • The Full Moon is associated to the Mother form of the Triple Goddess in some traditions
  • The goddess Selene is associated with the Full Moon
  • Moonstone is the gemstone associated to the Full Moon
  • Waxing Moon magick is practiced deosil (clockwise direction)