Guilty Pleasures in Tarot

When Tarot Rebels asked about our guilty pleasures in tarot, it only took me a moment to figure out mine – The Starchild Tarot.

What makes this deck a guilty pleasure for me is the fact that it stands outside of my regular criteria for acquiring tarot decks: I tend to avoid decks that soften the “harsh” cards of the major arcana, have visuals made up of digitally manipulated photo art, fit into a narrow cliche, or don’t readily appeal to being a functional reading deck – all qualities which are certainly inherent in The Starchild Tarot.


The Starchild has softened and redefined several of the major arcana cards.


Yet despite the new age hipster cliche, the digital artwork, the softened cards, and my initial bewilderment at how anyone could possibly read with the deck, something about The Starchild called out to me… Besides the desire to support a fellow Canadian’s creative project, I convinced myself that it would make a fine meditation deck if not a reading deck, and pulled the trigger on bringing home one of the more expensive decks I have ever purchased.

The hefty price tag and the above mentioned criteria aside, what makes The Starchild Tarot my guilty pleasure in tarot is the superficial reason that I brought it home with me:

i bought the starchild tarot simply because it is pretty.

There. I said it. It’s the prettiest, most airy, girly-girl, cotton-candy, fluffy-cosmos, crystal-power, positive affirmation deck that I own, and I’m okay with that. The waif-like female figures with their long luxurious tresses, the buff lads in their full, bristling lumberjack beards… They remind me of the Coachella crowd, out to see and be seen, and then home in time to watch the sun set over the ocean from the Malibu home that their parents bought them as a reward for avoiding the Scientology crowd during their brief foray with university. When you enter these people’s homes, you are automagically bathed sitar music to help cleanse your aura and raise your personal vibration before you get past the foyer, preparing you for entering the purified resonance of the crystal harmonics singing bowl circle for which you have been invited over. Please be mindful and remove your shoes!


The bewildered look on the Wheel of Fortune’s face mirrored my own when I initially pondered actually reading with these cards…


Does it sound harsh, sarcastic, or critical for me to describe the deck this way? Oh no – don’t take it so, dear reader! I don’t share these words out of malice, or to marginalize or malign the deck, because the truth is that I LOVE these characters and the chic, high-frequency, everything-is-too-goddamned-beautiful pastel cosmos they inhabit exactly as it is!


Gorgeous colours and textures, art deco designs, and Sister Moon – what’s not to love?


The interesting twist to this story is that the deck is not a fluff piece. It truly does hold a high and holy vibration of love. And this blog hop topic asking us  for our tarot Guilty Pleasures in Tarot is what brought me around to discovering that – otherwise, The Starchild Tarot would still be sitting in it’s box, waiting to be appreciated as something more than just a pretty face , suitable for meditation only.

But that, my friends, is a tale for another time – stay tuned for the  further adventures where I delve into this drop-dead gorgeous deck with a working reading and give it a fair and honest assessment.


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