I Believe In Tarot


This month’s Tarot Rebels Blog Hop writing prompt is #Ibelieveintarot which is hashtag that was started by Tom Benjamin on Youtube. For me, it inspired a short poem:



I believe in in tarot,

The intricate way it weaves the collective consciousness into the everyday

Winding it’s way through the ancient archetypes

That hold true even in this modern day

I believe in tarot


In looking for solutions rather than predictions

In guiding our path

In making decisions

I believe in tarot


Because I believe in the magic of synchronicity

In finding meaning in symbolism

In the overarching themes of the universe,

Spiraling forever in and out of itself.


I believe in tarot

Because I believe in myself

I am the conduit *and* the key

To unlocking those arcane mysteries of life and it’s choices


I believe in tarot


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