In Praise of Sister Moon

There are times where the sharp focus of my spiritual practice softens to favour real life pressures and demands. This happens even to those of us who live our practice every day and in every way – no matter how deep into our spiritual cups we are, real life issues such as securing food, shelter, health, and livelihood can take precedence – it is during these times that I always come back to Sister Moon.


Sister Moon is the anchor of my spiritual practice.


Having recently relocated over 7000 km to a temporary residence to start a new phase of life, I find myself in one of those times where my energy and focus is directed towards establishing those real life needs. Although spirit plays a part in that, my actual practice has not had the attention I would normally choose to lavish upon it. Other than a handful of crystals and my tarot decks, all my worldly and witchy goods are safely stored in boxes at a secured facility, waiting for release in a new environment. While it is intent and the natural world that shapes my practice rather than ritual tools, it is not unnatural to feel somewhat adrift without our familiar and comforting surroundings. How blessed am I then that I only need look up into the night sky and see Sister Moon hanging there? She is my constant companion and celestial true love!

Regardless of where I am, and in times where staying fully engaged with my spiritual path presents a challenge, there is always Sister Moon to harken back to, to set me to rights.

Sister Moon and I have had a long and loving affair, ever since I was a child and would obsess over the National Geographic World book on The Moon that my parents gave me. She is the cornerstone of my spiritual practice, always accessible, even when stripped down nude to represent the only true thing that a living being can ever possess – our own bodies. So long as I can remain conscious of her phases in the night sky, I keep one foot in the spirit world.


Sister Moon works her magick, no ritual tools are needed!


And so it is to Sister Moon that I once again attune over this Dark Moon waxing to Full.

It is to her rhythm that I dance this dance of life, and celebrate the cyclical seasons as the rise and fall. It is she who I can always look to to bring an understanding of the passage of time, or the ebb and flow of life. Moonlight and observance costs us nothing, and demands very little of our time – it is what I always come back to when I feel the need to ground and recenter. It is what I suggest others attune to when seeking guidance in how to begin or deepen thier own spiritual journey. Look always to the Moon! Her presence is a balancing gift to our Earth, and so why should that not be so for our own personal lives as well?

Thank you, Sister Moon.