January – Anna Perenna

Here we are at January, meeting The Grandmother Of Time in her traditional guise, Anna Perenna, mother of all goddesses!

Anna’s name comes from a Sumerian prototype: Anna, Anat, Ann, Ana – which translates as “Lady of Heaven” – indeed, she is found in cultures worldwide, and even the Christian faith recognizes her as Anna, mother of the virgin Mary.

but wait – when last we spoke, it was september and we were visiting the muse! where did the studies for october, november, and december get to?

As much as I’d enjoy having the space and time to devote myself fully to spiritual studies, I’m a modern-day witch with modern-day responsibilities, and sometimes those take precedence over my available time. No matter – Anna Perenna visits us at all turns of The Wheel of The Year, in various facets of goddesshood, and so we will come around again to those months where time for studies was lean, and catch up then. Working with Sister Moon has taught me that there are moments to rest and recede during our life cycles, and I choose to accept that with a sense of grace and gratitude, rather than as defeat or failure.

Back to Anna Perenna.

As The Grandmother of Time, Anna leaves us notes and messages. They arrive in the icy winds of winter, the gentle blush of spring blooms, the sultry sun of summer, and the falling leaves of autumn. She lets us know we are not alone, and all we need to do is quiet down enough to hear her.

Anna begs us to live with joyful awareness. She says that life is to be lived with humour and celebration, while balancing the ability to learn from our past, and look forward to our future while being fully rooted in the present. She appears to me as a practitioner of mindfulness!

The month of January is Anna Perenna’s month. The word “January” is derived from the Roman god Janus, a masculinized version of Anna Perenna herself (the patriarchy has been at work for a long time!) Like Anna, Janus has two faces so he can gaze into the past and the future at the same time. January marks the first month of the Gregorian calendar, the most widely accepted civil calendar on our planet, and as such, carries a message of renewal, conception, and origin. Self-perpetuation through focus, discipline, purification, and dedicating oneself to one’s goals are all appropriate magickal workings for this season. Given that the Dark Moon is upon us this eve, I will be working with the General Purification Spell from the Grandmother of Time, and following up with the Meditation To Dispel Fear on the Full Moon.

Before this month is up, I will have met and worked with Anna Perenna as the Grand Marshall to the next 11 months on The Wheel of The Year.