Life Path Tarot Card

We cardslingers have  more than a few little rituals we enjoy following. one of these is calculating the Life Path Card for the year ahead. This can be done any time, but is usually done on birthdays or at the turning of the calendar year. The Life Path Card can offer us advice or an overall theme for the year ahead.

For those of  who are unfamiliar with calculating the Life Path card, it combines the numerological practice of number reduction with the major arcana. The math is straightforward and easy: take the numbers of your birth month and day, add them to the calendar year, then reduce down numbers higher than 22 by adding them together as single digits. If you get 22, it applies to The Fool (card 0) which is reassigned numerically to ensure that The Fool gets to come out and play in this exercise as well.

It’s really quite easy!

Life Path Tarot Card

I like to add the birthdate broken down to single digits to the year as a whole, and then reduce down once by adding together any number less than 23. As an example, if your birthdate is on July 22nd, and the calendar year you wish  to calculate for is 2018, the math will look like this:

7+2+2+2018 = 2029

Reduce down by adding the resulting numbers: 2+2+9 = 13

Card 13 is Death.

“Okay, so the Death card doesn’t really mean Death, right?” – Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

If you reduce down further, the smaller number can be used as a shadow card, so 13 (Death) would have a shadow of 4 (Emperor) – I read this combo in a nutshell as taking an active role in a year of transition.

Don’t forget that if you reduce down and get 22, assign this number to The Fool, as that card carries no number otherwise.

Try calculating your or your friend’s/family’s Life Path cards as a New Year or Birthday gift – it’s a fun way to get a little tarot practice in while sharing your love of reading cards!