Litha Tarot Spread

While looking online for Summer Solstice tarot spreads, I stumbled across this “Litha” Summer Solstice spread by Ethony:


Litha Tarot Spread by Ethony.


Thinking it’d be a fun bit of fluff, I chose to read with The Starchild Tarot, easily the prettiest deck in my tarot library.


My “Litha” Summer Solstice Spread:


The Starchild Tarot Speaks!


Self: The High Priestess – after so many months of spiritual slumber, it is time to rise into the High Priestess that you are.

Power: The Universe – you are in a position where you will find the support and openness of the universe – if you go searching, you are sure to find that which you seek. Meditation will be your pathway in communing with this positive alignment.

Strength: The Lovers – you may trust and rely upon your partnerships to draw strength from. You are supported and loved!

Abundance: Justice – be wary of your own conduct – what you project is what you shall receive. Be aware of this current cycle of karma and responsibility; allow it to push you to new heights in your personal code of ethical, accountable behaviour. 

Faerie Blessing: 3 of Cups – you can find community, happiness, and belonging if you are willing to act upon this guidance – this is a time to arise and push beyond where you have stationed yourself. Fill others’ cups, and they will in turn fill yours.

Justice and the 3 of Cups have been making regular appearances to me over the past 2 weeks, so they deserve extra consideration.

bit of fluff? i think not!

Once again, The Starchild amazes me with it’s depth and spiritual tone. There is so much that is on-point in this reading, from the spiritual slumber I have been resting in for many, many moons; the way I finally feel in flow with the universe and magickal once again; the bringing into account how negative and bitchy I have been regarding my career (which is thankfully changing – new responsibilities and new teammates, yay!) to the support of already established relationships, and the reaching out to new ones… These cards and this spread did me the favour of lifting me while keeping my feet solidly on the earth in terms of keeping it real and accountable, and for this I am thankful.