Magic Surrounds Her…

A Writing Prompt Based On the Temperance Card

A friend recently began encouraging our tarot group to write a story for our cards. This week, she gave us Sidhe, the Temperance card from The Green Witch Tarot. This is the story I drew from the image on the card:


sidhe - the green witch tarot
Sidhe – Temperance – The Green Witch Tarot


Magic surrounds her –
She finds it in the most mundane of places,
In the petals of a sprig of lavender
Or the reflection of light upon a dark glass bottle…
And because of this gift of seeing the magical in the mundane,
She can work the most wondrous effects with what she has at hand –
A fire to warm a cold soul, a breeze to clear away stress…
They say she is a witch down in the village,
But we know better –
She is a force of balance and equanimity,
All because she can see the magic in the mundane…

After completing my story, I realized that this is also the energy and the sense of spirit that I seek to evoke and embody in each and everyday.

The Temperance card – I had never felt a strong connection to it before exploring it as the story I wrote for Sidhe.