Magick Where You Make It

As a busy-ass bread-winning witch, I rarely have the luxury of being able to lay out a full ritual. As much as I love practicing my magick with all the bells and whistles, it doesn’t happen all that often these days. I’ve gotta fit it in where and when I can, so oftentimes my observances happen while I’m in transit, at werk, or waylaid in some other commitment of this modern-day age.

My chat with Sister Moon may happen as I am driving home from the barn, for instance. There she is – shining bright and bold in the east, glowing like a silver coin directly over my little cottage like a homing beacon. I point my car towards her, and we speak with one another while I cruise those back country roads towards home. Similarly, my commune with Brother Sun may happen as I step out my east facing front door, and as I drive along to work, enjoying how he shines on the mountain above our tiny little town as I drive thru it before turning north and then west, and keeping an eye on him in my rear facing mirrors. That’s how it went today, on the morning of the Vernal Eqinox.

My ritual or observance may be as simple as a few heartfelt words spoken as I am in transit, as they were this morning:

Welcome Brother Sun,
Your time to shine has come as we enter into the light half of the year!
Long have we waited for your gleaming rays.
I see you, warming the earth, and waking up your children
I see you highlighting the mountain, and colouring the sky
I see you kissing and caressing all that you touch
Well met and welcome
May your gold bless us all with the abundance of the season.

My own little Stonehenge – the bright red morning sun shining in an east facing window on the morning of the Vernal Equinox

my point is that magick is possible everywhere and anywhere.

I’m not casting circles, and I’m not lighting incense. I can call in the directions and thier elemental dignitaries easily enough, but the crux of this on-the-go practice is simply that I am connecting to deity and acting with awareness. I’m speaking with my friends in this natural world, paying them homage as I am checking in with them, with thier rhythms, and with my own cyclical nature. I’m observing the life forces that connect me with spirit, and fully engaging with them… No robes, no altar, no custom-made herbal smudge blend required.

I do look forward to those days when I once again have the time and space in my life to bust out an hour long ritual with specially formulated potions, and I do manage to fit such preparations in where and when I can, but overall I tend to take my witchy show on the road with me, and practice it in the teeny-tiny moments with no special trappings. It’s an everyday thing, something I can live in each moment, and for that realization, I am truly thankful.

A blessed Verneal Equinox and Full Moon to each and every one of you.