Magickal Timing Comes Naturally

It never ceases to amaze me at how magickal timing comes naturally.

Think about it: how many times have you set out to do something that with intent, but without taking into account the magickal timing? I’m not talking about rituals or spiritual rites, but mundane tasks of great importance that  are set to thier own schedule as a matter of course. Relocating to a new home, starting a new gig, or welcoming a new family member, for instance. Events such as these often march to the beat of thier own drum, and can’t be wrangled into aligning with the moon or the stars.

Yet so very often, I find that they do.

Take for instance, my current opus of effort – getting my husband’s immigration paperwork sorted.

After three months of wrestling with it, we finished dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s and put it into an addressed envelope on the eve of yesterday’s Dark Moon. He’s off right now, delivering it to the post office, finally taking it off of our hands. And although this is just the start of what is sure to be a bit of an endurance race, I feel like having having it out of our home, on it’s way to it’s intended goal has removed a very large and cumbersome stone from around our necks.

Perfect timing for tonight’s New Moon energy, no?

Totally unplanned for – in fact, considering that it took us three months to finish chipping away at this beast of a chore, there was little way we could have planned for it to align as sweetly with the lunar cycle as it did.


Probably the most boring image ever shared here, but this envelope represents a massive accomplishment that was 3 months in the making. Perfectly timed with the Dark and New Moon too, thank you very much!


When I think back to other unplanned-for-yet-auspicious timings of this sort – having taken possession of the keys belonging to my first-ever piece of real estate on my actual birthday (which I acquired after unwittingly having written a spell in wet cement on the corner over a year before the building ever existed) or last year’s shadow work coinciding with the Summer Solstice Full Moon, or even the fact that I am finally out of 3 long months of retakes and onto fresh green fields of animation in my professional life as of today’s New Moon as examples – I can’t help but feel that it is a sign that I am aligned with my highest, most powerful self. Not only am I in-tune with the cosmic shifts and cycles, but the universe opens up to support me in my efforts, even the most mundane (yet highly important!) ones.

This is why i feel we all work magick in our everyday lives, whether we recognize that witchy aspect of ourselves or not.

Every word we utter is a spell of sorts, and when we open up our awareness to observe how we are working within the rhythmic cycles of the earth and the sky whether by planning or harmonious happenstance, it drives home how natural it all really is.  Coincidentally, yesterday also marked the beginning of the new tropical astrological year in Aries. Springtime refreshment all around!

I allow my magick to flow. Sometimes I plan it. Sometimes it plans itself. In the end, all the rivers reach the sea, and so it is also with intent and focus. So mote it be.