Make This Home Mine Spell

Earlier this year, my husband and I were looking for a home of our own. From meeting our real estate agent for the first time to finding the home that was right for us and making a successful offer took 6 days total. Did manifestation magick play a part in this? You bet your broom it did!

While a larger, more encompassing spell involving the tarot was employed to get us safely back to the homeland 6 months prior, the spellwork detailed here took place in my family home on the Full Moon of April 11th, and focused solely on securing housing.

i strongly believe that magick is not one-size fits all, and that cookie-cutter spells are not nearly as effective as taking a personal approach.

That is to say that I don’t advertise this spell as something that should be used directly out of the box – magick is a creative process that works best when it has our fingerprints all over it, so for best results I encourage you to take what resonates, and make it your own.


Living as a guest in my family’s home at the time, I worked with the space, time, and materials that I had at hand. Effective magick need not be fancy!


the full moon altar:

For my altar, I used a slab of granite I found a few months earlier in the wild northern lands where I grew up – this not only evoked a true feeling of “home” for me, but it also served as a symbol of a rock-solid, grounded foundation.  You should use whatever items or symbols represent a safe, happy, and stable home to you. My Full Moon altar held the following:

  • melted snow water imbued with moonlight for the element of water
  • palo santo for the element of air and fire
  • kaolin clay for the element of earth
  • labradorite for Hecate and the Dark Moon
  • rainbow moonstone for Luna and the Full Moon
  • chrysoprase for success, adaptability, prudence, and open mindedness
  • rose quartz for heart centered intent
  • a snail shell to represent a secure and suitable home
  • beaver-cut wood chips to represent a well built home
  • a sigil drawn on birch bark

In an effort to encourage personal variation, I will give generalities such as casting the circle, calling the elements and directions, adding clay, smoke, and ash to the water to unify all four elements, connecting to and invoking the aspects of the deity/moon/items on altar, making an offering, blessing the sigil, meditating on my goal, and thanking/bidding farewell to any and all elemental dignitaries, ancestors, and energies who join me in the rite when closing the circle. Do this as you will, and as fits your tradition.

After the circle is closed, allow the altar to bask in the light of the Full Moon overnight. The next morning, seal the vessel containing the four elements of water, earth, air, and fire, set it atop the sigil, and keep these undisturbed in a safe place until you visit the property you wish to secure as yours. I sealed the orange votive glass containing the four elements and kept it on my bedside table for the duration of time between this ritual and the next stage of the spell. I then placed a tarot card representing “home” on the altar in its place as a daily reminder of the spell being at work.



A sigil on naturally shed birch bark – the birch tree is a symbol of renewal and fresh beginnings, perfect for helping manifest a new living situation!


make this home mine spell:

This is where things can get a little tricky, but what is magick if it doesn’t involve a trick? Take the vessel of four elements to the property you wish to be yours. Ideally, you will be able to access a private section of the property that requires entrance, such as the backyard. Casting the spell in an area that requires entering the property through a barrier such as a gate places the spell in a more authoritative and posessive position than if cast in an area that is easily accessible to anyone who does not have permission to enter the property. If you are touring the property, cast the spell *after* you have completed the tour.

Casting the spell is easy – while looking at the home or a prominent feature of the property, pour the four elements water out slowly enough that it lasts as long as it takes you to recite the spell:

This home I see
Belongs to me
So it is
So mote it be.

Preferably, you can get some privacy while casting the spell – in my case, I was unable to shake the company of the real estate agent that was with us. Fortunately, I had arranged for my husband to create a diversion while I cast the four elements water and spoke the incantation. Unable to face the house while doing so, I closed my eyes and pictured it as a strong visual in my mind’s eye – power of the mind is a huge force in magick, and is just as effective if circumstances prevent you from actually facing the home.

You may keep or bury the sigil on the property. I chose to keep mine, as I did not have the option to bury it on the property at the time of casting the spell.

Again, feel free to create an incantation that is your very own! The key here is to phrase the words so that the goal has already been met – in this instance, the phrasing makes it clear that the property already belongs to us – it does not allow for the existence of any other reality than the one that is being manifested. The spell is now cast.

follow up with affirmative action!

It’s an undeniable truth that without taking affirmative action, our magick can fall flat. We followed up by making a realistic offer on the home we wanted – just because I cast a spell didn’t mean we could lowball the numbers! While waiting to hear whether our offer had been accepted, both of us continued to visualize the home as our own, and I repeated another incantation that I made up on the fly:

The home is ours
No one can take it
The spell is cast
No one can break it.

It is my experience that the combination of manifesting willful intent paired with affirmative action rarely fails to bring positive results!

pay attention! pay thanks!

There were some important signposts that affirmed our choice to make this home ours:  the house itself is on a street named after Sister Moon, the numbers of the address contain the year, month, and day of my birth, and the day we submitted and had our offer accepted actually *was* my birthday! Another interesting number to note is that the Full Moon ritual that started this spell took place 13 days before we got the house, and there were 13 other offers made on it. That’s a lot of universal support right there! Honouring these signposts with our awareness and attention as a daily offering is a simple but effective way to give thanks, while also honing our skills of observation, and the ability to see the magick in the mundane.

Now you know the nuts and bolts of my basic way of creating a spell! I may borrow a turn of phrase, an idea, or an approach, but I will never work a spell that hasn’t been made my own in some way, and I rarely find the need for expensive tools or paraphernalia. Thankfully, Mother Earth provides us with all that we need – an understanding of timing and intent does the rest.

I’d like to thank my magickal friends who requested and encouraged me to share this spell. Your support is an inspiration! May we all have safe, stable, happy homes that hold us gently.