March – Meeting Koré

Koré is full of laughter and joy – she’s bursting apart at the seams with energy, and the rejuvenation of springtime! She doesn’t notice your outstretched arm and proffered hand upon first meeting, because she is approaching fast, arms, outstretched, and lips at the ready to kiss you on both cheeks. She bubbles over with enthusiasm, and is the life of the party! Her personality is larger than life – she is your new bosom pal directly upon meeting her, and you are happy for this – she has so much love to give that no one feels devoid of her light, no matter how far she spreads it!

All of this is grand, except for the fact that being a fertility goddess, she is also very much into offering babies to her daughters.

She has wise souls awaiting mothers, and like a matronly Cupid, she is ready to match-make a dream-come-true… Except for the fact that I don’t want babies. I hope this effusive goddess will respect my boundaries on this, and slow down enough in sharing her reproductive joy to hear my choice: NO BABIES!

Koré is a goddess of fertility – she is also known as Persephone.
Artwork by Janaina Medeiros

Fortunately, here in The Great White North, the world is not keeping pace with Koré. Fauna is not yet dropping it’s offspring, nor attempting to conceive, which is a good thing, as the  flora that is needed to sustain mother and child hasn’t yet woken up yet, either. So I feel Koré can cool her heels a bit, sit down with me for a spot of tea, and bless me with remaining blissfully child free rather than bestowing reproductive prowess upon my womb – whew!

Koré’s month of March was named after Mars, the god of war. What a perfect foil Koré’s theme of growth, prospering, and exploration are to Mars’ themes of attack and defense! During this month, we celebrate the Spring Equinox, and appropriate magickal workings include those focused on money spells, and personal growth, as well as naming ceremonies and dedications to the newborn.

I am rather fond of Koré – her zest for life is undeniably infectious. Her laughter, contagious. She is a goddess who tickles the soul! There is no one who is immune to her good and generous nature. As nature deity, Koré’s disappearance and reappearance, or life, death, and rebirth embodies the growth cycle of plants, with the ability to regenerate herself.

I don’t have any colourful blooms from my garden at this time of her arrival to greet her with. March has entered like a roaring white lion, blanketing the landscape with freshly fallen powder, and whipping up arctic winds. I don’t have hair that is long enough to do up in ribbons for our visit, nor a vastly colourful wardrobe as she requests… On the plus side, I do like to laugh, and I do like to live life by embracing every ounce of joy, pleasure, and opportunity that it presents to us, so maybe this will be enough for our ever smiling, bear-hugging, and double-cheek kissing Koré … An offering of my own nature is more valuable than colourful blooms or dress, I should think.