The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mojo


I’m in a spiritual slump. My mojo is missing. I feel disconnect from life, the universe, and everything! I’m going thru the motions, but the magick isn’t there… Well, that’s not entirely true. The magick *is* there, but I’m not feeling it, I’m not seeing it, and I’m not sensing it. I call to the directions, the elements, my ancestors… Do they hear me, and join me at my circle? I have no clue. I feel lost, alone, and so very, very tired…

It’s not unusual nor unnatural to find an ebb to our tide, but when the tide has been rewardingly high for any length of time, that ebb can leave us feeling stranded and confused. When harkening back to Sister Moon doesn’t even bring me into alignment, I know that my spiritual tide is well and truly out from the shore.

so what’s a witch to do when ritual falls flat?

Given that I’m currently experiencing the witchy blues, I figured I’d share some tips that I’ve found helpful in navigating through a spiritual dry spell. Even if these words only ever serve to help me when I go thru this again, they will have been worth committing to this blog.

The first piece of advice I can give you is DON’T PANIC. Or at least, try not to panic. I’m not ashamed to admit that I indulged in a little bit of panic over this disheartening disconnect the other day as I stood in my lonely circle, the first-ever I had cast in my new home.  How could I not? When our spiritual compass has gone AWOL, it can be difficult not to give into the dread of feeling like this emptiness is going to last forever, even if in our heart-of-hearts we know that it won’t. Having a little panic is natural, and can even help break us out of the stasis of concern, so don’t beat yourself up over it if you do feel panicked. Once that emotional response has had it’s fling though, it’s time to reassess how we get back up on the pony.

ok, panic session over? let’s take a look at some real strategy to move past this energy block:

Assess: What are you actually feeling? Put it into words – be honest! In my case, the description I chose of  being “so very, very tired” is key: I’m physically drained and exhausted right now for a very good reason: I’ve just moved into a new home, and am the single income earner in my family. All the responsibilities of keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, and the bill collectors at bay are squarely on my shoulders. Add that I’m working outside of the home for the first time in three years, and it’s totally understandable that I’m feeling physically drained! I have little excess energy to keep my body healthy at the moment, let alone raise energy for a circle.

Reach out to other spirit-centered folk: Has there ever been any truer words spoke than the line “I get by with a little help from my friends?” Communicating with others lets us know we are not alone, and that our experience is not wholly unique – as one astute friend pointed out to me, it can also indicate that there is something bigger afoot. The love and support of others is paramount to our overall health, and outside observations and insights can help us recognize patterns and cycles in our lives, our environment, and the universe at large. Sharing my struggle and seeking the consultation of others helped me release the misplaced guilt I was experiencing for feeling numb to the bounty of my life, and even awakened me to my own gifts as a spiritual being! Sometimes we really do need to look at the world and ourselves through someone else’s eyes.

Take care of the physical body: Our bodies serve as the vessel for our souls, and have very real needs to remain vital, so it sounds silly to have to convince myself that I need to get rest when my energy reserves are low. My physical body can not always keep pace with my creative desires, so taking that space to REALLY rest and recuperate not only takes discipline, but in today’s busy world, it can also require that we give ourselves PERMISSION. Sometimes that permission has to come as affirmation from an outside source, especially when I am driving myself to perform to a certain standard in life. Besides rest, we also have to look at how we are fuelling our bodies, and honestly assess where we are at with our self-care.  My physical energy slumps when I forget to stay on top of the daily iron supplements and seasonal vitamin D3 my body requires. It’s sort of a no-brainer, but when life gets hectic, I can totally space out on making sure I give my body the tools it needs to be in prime condition.

Take some me time: When was the last time you had space all to yourself? After three years of working from home and having plenty of time and space to myself, I suddenly found myself plunged into a social situation on a daily basis, only to return home to a space that was also occupied with someone who was very much looking forward to spending the evenings with me. Knowing how to respectfully communicate with others in order to create and defend the boundaries of space set aside for alone time is something that takes practice, but in my world it is a non-negotiable key towards health and happiness.

Observe rather than act: Stillness and observation are arts that serve the magickal practitioner well – what better time to practice these skills than when at an energetic low? When I took the time to quietly observe the changes in my garden, I noticed how the plants were all drawing inwards for their winter slumber. They didn’t fight against this natural cycle, but accepted it gracefully, knowing that they would bloom when the cycle clocked around again. Even Sister Moon takes her rest from the night sky, so why shouldn’t I?


Take a cue from Mother Nature and draw energy inwards so that you may blossom again in your own personal spiritual springtime!


Reprioritize: Most of us witches don’t have the benefit of being wholly free from the demands of the mundane world, and need to fit our spiritual practice in to accommodate that. We can only reprioritize so much – that’s something we need to accept. Switching from being energetically active to the more restful state of observation removes the broadcast signal and places us in a receptive state. Although I’m not energetically up for performing ritual, I am in the perfect position to deepen my studies. Looking at my bookcase crammed full of tantalizing resources I haven’t yet plumbed the depths of, I suddenly recognize this spiritual slump for the gift that it is!

Change it up: Nothing refreshes the energy of a space more than changing things up, and this is true for spiritual practice as well. Repetition may serve to develop and refine a rock-solid practice, but like a river, my life has flowed onward. Although I’m not yet ready to invest my energy into ritual right now, I’ve been feeling the call to perform magick to the benefit of the world at large rather than keeping it exclusively close to home – what better time to shake things up than when I come out of this energetic recession feeling recharged, renewed, and armed with fresh knowledge? I’ll still want to work on filling my new home with magick and protecting it with wards, but taking an entirely new tack will surely push me towards learning new ways to approach an already familiar process. I’m excited for the prospect of expanding upon old favourites, even if it is months away.

Don’t force it: Not feeling called to use your tarot cards? Don’t. There’s no greater nor potentially harmful energetic drain than forcing ourselves to perform when we are not feeling physically up to it. Although I’m not a daily-drawer of the cards, I do feel that loss of connection when I’m not interacting with them regularly, so I’ll do some low key activity like taking them out and shuffling them, without drawing a card. I’ll look thru them to enjoy the imagery without meditating on their meaning. It’s a little bit like going thru the motions on auto-pilot, but it satisfies that need to connect with my spiritual tools, tarot or otherwise.

Take a Pass: Not feeling up to that workshop or ritual you’re not playing a major role in? Take a pass, free of guilt! Obviously we can’t duck out in all of our commitments, and in no way do I advocate being a flake, but I’ve learned that sometimes I serve myself best by giving in to the need for honouring my energetic levels exactly where they are rather than where I’d like them to be, even if it does mean missing out on that Pagan Pride Day event I’ve been looking forward to for several months.


If you are looking for me, I’ll be in my room joyously studying and expanding my knowledge base.


That’s it. If you made it this far, I hope there are some pearls of wisdom that will help you find comfort in accepting those times where your mojo is missing as the gift that it is – because that is *exactly* what I have come to understand it as: a gift! I am now looking forward to drawing my energy inwards in rhythm with the universal tides of the Northern Hemisphere where I reside, and dedicating this time to read, learn, and improve upon what I’ve already got down. Bonus points: this means I’ll be having lots to share here at Speak of Secrets as I learn and grow beyond my current knowledge base!

I’d like to thank my thoughtful spirit-centered friends who I reached out to, and who so carefully considered the words of my heart – it is you who inspired me to document this. I would also like to thank my family for inviting me up to the northern woods on this Thanksgiving weekend which gifted me with space and time, and my ever loving husband who served me tea and toast in bed, and encouraging me to bask in solitary comfort for half the day while crafting these words.

There it is – gratitude. The heart of my spiritual practice. My mojo isn’t missing, it’s just shifted gears downward so that I may gather my energy to grow in a new direction.

Oh – and hey! If YOU have some advice on what to do when in a spiritual slump, let me know in the coomments – the more we share, the more we know!