A Moon Of Reawakening

A year and a day ago, I awoke in the early morning hours  with the feeling that something had shifted inside of me. I lay with it for a moment, absorbing the sensation of what was clearly a personal paradigm shift, although of what shape and form was not yet certain. Feeling compelled to look out the window situated above my head, I drew back the curtain to find the first full moon of July 2015 coasting lazily towards the horizon, soon to slip behind a jagged Hawaiian mountain range, stained pink by the rising sun.


The full moon setting on the morning of July 2nd, 2015

I tossed on my housecoat and slippers, and walked out across the dew-covered grass to drink in this celestial event. While I was gazing at Sister Moon, it suddenly became clear to me that the shift I felt was the re-surfacing of my spiritual consciousness. I knew right then and there that my reality had changed… An intrinsic part of myself that had been out a-wandering had come home to me in it’s entirety.

Life changed forever the day that I committed to creating meaningful ritual in my life.

I took the day to meditate on what this meant for me going forever forwards. Although my spirituality has always been centered on earth-based beliefs and practices, it has never taken on a formalized shape. In my newly awakened state, I realized that I had come to the point in my path where I was prepared to commit towards fostering meaningful ritual in my life. I happily stood up and crossed that threshold, smiling knowingly at the fact that this moment held as esteemed a station in my life as rites of passage I had previously embarked upon… It was as significant to my progress as my birth, coming-of-age, and marriage.

Since that morning, I have entered into a cycle of learning. I have reached out to the others I know who travel a similar path, and have been blessed for what they have shared with me. I have started to research a work that will take me a lifetime to build, and which will forever be in-progress, undergoing shifts of change and growth as my practice and my very being evolves.

I willingly enter into this expanded reality with the awareness and gratitude that I shall be a perennial student.

The fact that this awakening came to me on the morning of the full moon, in a month which hosted 2 full moons – a rare event known as a Blue Moon – was not lost on me. Bringing awareness into my everyday, working in harmony with the seasons of the natural world, and manifestation via intent and the direction of energy have long been the way of life for me, but I had now arrived to a place where I was ready to more deeply understand and connect to what has always been simply a matter of natural course.
The cosmos rises up to greet and support us. I thank you for joining me on this journey. Maye we continue to share and learn from one another, as we dance along this spiral path.