As She Waxes, So I May Gain…

new moon

The New Moon hangs in the sky with the last setting sunbeam of the day.


In our last post, we took at look at the differences between the Dark Moon vs the New Moon, and established that for spiritual matters, the New Moon is actually the first day where the moon exhibits visible illumination, while the Dark Moon is the period of time whereby the moon exhibits no light at all. This gives us approximately 2 weeks in which the moon is in her waxing phase, transitioning from New Moon, to Waxing Crescent, to First Quarter, to Waxing Gibbous, and onwards to being full.

When the moon is described as being in a waxing phase, it means that it is gaining in illumination, and taking shape as a Waxing Crescent Moon. The First Quarter stage of the lunar cycle refers to the point where the moon is roughly one quarter of it’s way through its monthly orbit around the earth, rather than its visible illumination: at this point the moon is 50% illuminated, and is therefore sometimes referred to as a Waxing Half Moon. Gibbous is the term that pertains to the moon being more than halfway illuminated, therefore the moon phase after the First Quarter leading up to full illumination is called Waxing Gibbous.


waxing moon phases

Phases of the moon during its waxing cycle – illumination gains on the right side of the moon.


At the start of this waxing phase of the lunar cycle, the moon is closely aligned with the sun, so that it is often visible in the daytime sky, setting early on in the evening. As the moon continues its 29.5 day cycle, it gradually appears in the sky later and later, setting at approximately midnight on the evening of the First Quarter.

The New and Waxing Moon phase is a beneficial time to plan spiritual and magickal workings that center on constructive matters. “As she waxes, so I may gain” is an apt call towards aligning that which we would like to build towards from with the moon’s gaining in illumination. The New Moon leading up to the First Quarter carries a theme of renewal and rejuvenation, and is a beneficial time to craft ritual that focuses on constructive manifestation. It is an auspicious time to plant new seeds, whether physical or metaphorical, and is supportive of launching new projects, ventures, or fostering positive new habits. The phase that leads from First Quarter through Waxing Gibbous is supportive of magickal workings that involve increasing, gain, and attraction. An easy way to remember these correspondences is to use the New Moon energy for anything that you wish to start anew, and the waxing phase as anything you wish to grow. When choosing to work with the energy of the Dark Moon as a period of reflection and assessment, this waxing phase where the moon is gaining in illumination is the perfect time to give shape and form to the intentions made during Dark Moon meditations, and to nurture them into becoming tangible.

As you can see, this waxing phase of the lunar cycle can be very helpful and supportive in assisting us with building up towards our goals. As each monthly moon phase has an astrological reference, we can also tailor our spiritual work towards accessing those particular qualities for a little more precision and oomph. Whether we are looking to start work on a new personal project, commence exploring a fresh pathway, up the ante we have invested into our career, or develop a new habit, the New and Waxing Moon is here to support and encourage us!


Other Waxing Moon facts that come in handy when considering ritual, magickal workings, and meditations:

  • The New Moon arrives the day after the Dark Moon
  • The New Moon is closely aligned to the sun – it rises early in the day, and sets early in the night
  • New Moon magick is best suited to new beginnings, fresh starts, and planting seeds
  • The Waxing Crescent Moon is the best time to observe the features of the moon’s surface
  • The Waxing Moon rises early in the day, and sets early in the night
  • The First Quarter is a one-day event in the lunar cycle, and occurs roughly 7 days after the Dark Moon
  • Illumination during the First Quarter is at 50%, and is sometimes called a Half Moon
  • The First Quarter Moon sets at approximately midnight
  • The Waxing Gibbous Moon phase begins the day after the First Quarter, when the moon gains more than 50% illumination
  • Illumination is gained on the right side of the moon, the left side is dark
  • The waxing phase of the moon is a prime time to focus on constructive ritual for gaining and attainment
  • The waxing phase from dark to full is associated to the Maiden form of the Triple Goddess in some traditions
  • Waxing Moon magick is practiced deosil (clockwise direction)