Please Don’t Call My Witchy “Woo”

I have a witchy confession to make: I actively despise the term “woo”

“Woo”  – or even worse, “woo-woo” – has caught fire as a general catch-all term to describe studies and practices of a metaphysical or occult nature, from tarot to witchcraft.

I don’t know where it originated, but I assume it was coined by a darling of the metaphysical community, and people are doing thier best to meme thier favourite influential mystical mover and shaker. Either that, or a full-on skeptic meant to poke fun, in which case, why even give the word any traction?

Whatever. It drives me bananas.

Just stop it with the woo, m’kay?


I get all the arguments for making it fun, or more appealing to the mundane by choosing a cutesy name, but for me, the term “woo” sands all the gloriously gritty patina off of the practice. And I *like* having dirt, and grit, and sweat, and blood in my practice.

words have power, and imo, “woo” not only lacks power, but diminishes that which it is intended to represent.

It’s not uncommon in metaphysical circles to hear complaints about the struggle of legitimizing one’s practice. Calling spiritual work “woo” goes an even longer way to hindering that. Calling it “woo-woo” sounds to me like a whitewashed euphemism for describing the nether regions to a small child. Whenever I hear it, I imagine a concerned mother hen asking her chicks if they have properly cleaned “thier woo-woo” as they grow beyond the diaper stage of life.

Just… No.

Couching terms has never been my strong suit. I have no interest in re-branding the occult to make it more palatable to those who take a lesser view of my or anyone else’s Witchy Ways.

So go ahead and call your practice “woo” if you want to, but do me a favour and avoid aiming your “woo-woo” my way.

This gritty, earth-bound witch thanks you for it.