Reading Love in the Cards

As a Tarot reader, a lot of people come to me for relationship advice. We are human beings and inter-personal connections are important to us, so it is no surprise that our relationships are one of the things people are most concerned about. Often when the seeker arrives, they frame the question with a focus the other party – does she love me? Will he cheat on me? Are they ready to commit to a long-term relationship with me? 

these particular questions are tough ones to answer for a number of reasons.

First, it can be unethical to do a reading on a third party who isn’t in the present, and hasn’t given their consent to be part of the process. To understand this, just imagine how the person would feel if they knew that you had invaded their privacy, or how you would feel if you discovered that someone else asked for a Tarot reading about you! Not all questions about third parties are unethical, of course – sometimes we are worried about people in our lives and want to find ways to help them – but the line between an acceptable question and an invasion of privacy can be a fine one, best assessed by each individual reader’s code of ethics.

Second, it can also be very difficult to clearly explore what is happening with another person. Tarot is about accessing our intuition about the world, both the physical, external  world, and our inner worlds. During a reading, the Tarot reader will draw on both their own intuition and the intuition of the client in the room to better understand a given situation. If the question is about a third party, sometimes the information simply isn’t available to make a meaningful reading. Some useful information about these kinds of questions can be gained: for example, if someone is asking whether someone is or will cheat on them, they are often asking this question because there is evidence to suggest that this is exactly what is going on. People can be afraid to confront painful truths like this, and therefore sometimes push what is right in front of them to the back of their minds. A Tarot reading can help them realize what they knew all along.

However, often when a person comes in with questions about a potentially cheating partner, for example, the real problem is nothing to do with the partner at all, but really the insecurities of the person requesting the reading. Why are they preoccupied with the idea that their partner might be cheating? Have they been cheated on in the past and consequently developed some trust issues? Do they have personal insecurities which leave them feeling they aren’t worthy of their partner, and therefore that their partner must be looking elsewhere? These are important questions that can be explored during a Tarot reading, and when a client has a question about another person, it is often best to help them refocus their question in a more useful way that brings the focus back on to them. If the client isn’t sure where their insecurities are coming from, perhaps the question to be explored is why they are feeling that way. If the person is insecure in a relationship, perhaps the question to ask is what that person can do to boost their self-esteem and invest in self-love.

Once you know what kinds of questions to ask, love readings can be an extremely useful Tarot exercise. But what can you expect to learn from the Tarot about love? While every reading and situation is different, there are a few cards that show up a regularly in love readings.

Some cards and thier possible interpretations in an relationship reading.

The Lovers

While in movies and pop culture this card is often associated with new romantic relationships, The Lovers card has more to do with self-love and self-respect than romance. It shows up frequently in love readings as a sign that we need to work on ourselves and learn to be happy within ourselves before we can be happy in a relationship.

Two of Cups

Cups is the suit of water and is linked to emotions and relationships. The Two of Cups represents duality and the joining of two individuals, and therefore makes frequent appearances in love readings. Much more than The Lovers card, according to Numerology Sign when this card shows up, is a sign of romantic relationships and connections.

Four of Wands

The iconography of the Four of Wands is clearly one of celebration, and as such has been associated by many with the idea of a wedding, and this is frequently the meaning of the card, especially if it shows up alongside The Hierophant. However, this card is also about a feeling of joy and freedom, and can show up when a person has found a partner that gives them that freedom to be themselves and to be happy, or when the end of a relationship, while sad, brings that freedom.

Ace of Swords

The appearance of this card is often a signal that a relationship is coming to an end. Many cultures and myths have the idea of a ‘life thread’ that unfolds and weaves itself through our lives. When the Ace of Swords appears it often means that a thread in our life tapestry is being cut. While it can be a difficult card to see, it often reinforces a hard fact that the person already knew, but is struggling to come to terms with.

Ten of Pentacles

A symbol of culmination and final fulfillment, the iconography of the Ten of Pentacles usually shows a wise man surrounded by family in a setting that suggests comfort, and a happy couple standing beneath an archway. This card often comes up to reassure that you have everything that you need, and that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. This card often appears to indicate that a relationship is on the right path and you shouldn’t try to ‘fix’ it or the other person. For those looking for love, it is often a message to stop seeking and just enjoy the abundance that you have in your life; love will find you when you least expect it.

About the Author:

Christine is an avid tarot reader, astrologist, and numerologist. More infor on her work can be found at her website: NumerologySign