Deck Interview – The Red Deck

Another fun activity in the getting-to-know-you phase of exploring a new tarot deck is the Deck Interview.

I can’t claim ownership to this spread, and after extensive research, I still don’t have a clue as to who originally created it. If you do a Google search, you’ll discover there are literally a hundred different spreads out there for interviewing a deck –  I found this particular set of questions posted on several different online tarot forums going back to the mid-oughts. I have to say that it is my favourite of all interview spreads that I have explored, and has become my standard for interviewing a deck.

Spreads are best when we see them in action, so hot on the heels of discovering who my Tarot Mentor Card is for The Red Deck, I decided to interview my cards. The following is my read from interviewing the 2015 Samhain Edition Deck of The Bastard, aka The Red Deck (with my thoughts in parentheses):


red deck interview by

The Red Deck – 2015 Samhain Edition Deck of The Bastard by Tarot by Seven


 What is your most important characteristic: Knight of Cups – this deck is a beautiful charmer, and is sure to appeal to a wide range of seekers. It delivers its messages intuitively, with sensitivity, compassion, and empathy. (Interesting, as I bought this deck with the express intent of having a general-purpose/easily accessible read-for-others deck – my vision has always been of working with this deck in public spaces such as a café or pub.)
What are your strengths as a deck: 2 of Cups – the 2 of Cups carries a message of mutual attraction, romance, and the power of a joint alliance. This deck will give as good as it gets – it is friendly and well balanced, and agreeable to forming a very strong harmonious bond and relationship. (Considering that I drew The Lovers as my Tarot Mentor for this deck, I can’t help but feel like my crush is being returned given… The Red Deck loves me as much as I love it!)
What are your limits as a deck: Queen of Cups – this deck’s style of communication may be overly gentle, dreamy, and idealistic. It will tend to deliver its messages in a nurturing, and possibly overprotective tone rather than cutting to the quick of the matter. I will need to remain aware to balance the card’s message with a good dose of practicality. (With the Wildwood as my go-to deck for the past year, any other deck is sure to seem much softer in its tone – this is part of the reason I was looking to add another deck to my practice, since the Wildwood can be too harsh for some people.)
What are you here to teach me: Ace of Swords – the deck offers me a new intellectual, scholarly approach to the tarot which will enable me to take my tarot practice to the next level. (I am actually starting a course on the traditional associations of the cards with this deck as my companion.)
How best do I learn and collaborate with you: 3 of Swords – this card comes up as self-imposed stress when I read for myself – in light of my starting coursework with this deck to do some actual “book learning” of tarot, I feel like this is saying that I should keep things fun, and not stress over my studies in the desire to get things “right.” (All those cups remind me that this deck still requires intuition – I shouldn’t rely solely on the by-the-book meanings I intend to learn!)
What is the possible outcome of our relationship: Strength – how nice to end this on a major, and my birth card to boot! I will grow more confident and composed in my tarot practices. I will learn to use the subtle influence of the traditional card meanings along with intuition in my readings. (I will be strong like lion – RARRR!!!)


As you can see, this particular interview spread gives a nice mix of key attributes to explore within a deck. As I brought this deck home with the idea to not only use it as a more accessible general purpose deck when reading for others, but to take a course on the more traditional meanings of the RWS style of deck, the cards seem rather fitting – and with those cups and The Lovers as my Red Deck Tarot Mentor Card, I can’t help but feel we are about to embark upon a long and rewarding relationship together.

Do you have any questions that were not covered here that you like to ask your deck as an interview spread? Let me know in the comments!