An ever-expanding collection of witchy resources I find helpful, entertaining, and educational.
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Witchy Ways:


  • Looking to connect with a new tarot deck? Aeclectic Tarot is *the* site for exploring various decks!
  • My current tarot deck of choice is The Wildwood Tarot, with it’s earthy, Pagan symbolism.
  • I highly recommend The Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen as a companion book to learning the art of tarot.
  • Tarot By Seven makes some of the most beautiful decks out there, with options to customize backs and finishes.
  • Little Red Tarot has lots of engaging thoughts and articles on intuitive tarot, astrology, and other witchy topics.
  • The weekly blog posts at Jonika Tarot will help deepen your understanding and relationship to the tarot.
  • The Wild Unknown is a beautiful independently published tarot deck based on the RWS system.

Plants & Herbs:

  • The Herb Book by John Lust is hands-down the most comprehensive book on the subject of herbs and herbalism.

Moon & Stars:

  • See what energies are at play for this month, and recieve moon updates at The Power Path School of Shamanism.
  • Moon Giant features accurate daily updates on the current moon phase, plus other lunar delights.


  • Shimmerlings lists the scientific, metaphysical, and magical properties of crystals and gemstones.
  • The Secret Language of Crystals is a fun and friendly open FB group that shares crystal information and images.

Pretty Things:

  • Dancing Grey Studio makes beautiful hand-bound leather journals worthy of holding your written secrets.
  • Gorgeous moon calendars and other printed delights can be found at Margins Imprint.

Just For Fun:

  • The fictional desert town of Night Vale reports all kinds of bizarre and spooky mysteries in this podcast.