The Samadhi Oracle Deck

The Samadhi Oracle Deck is a creative collaboration between Sahil and Jess Benjamin-Purmeswar, and is based on the Indian transcendental religion of Hinduism. Samadhi is “a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation”  – this term can also be applied to Buddhist meditation practices. Funding for the project was achieved via crowdsourcing on social media, with a 44 card deck and booklet being promised to those who pledged funds.


The Samadhi Oracle arrives in a sturdy tin box.


I had never backed an artistic project like this through crowdsourcing, but the vibrant artwork caught my eye. Having been raised with Buddhist principles and growing up with friends from India who shared thier culture with me, I felt this deck calling my name. None could be more surprised than myself, since I generally abstain from oracle decks in favour of the more universally structured tarot, yet I was remarkably drawn to the artwork and the passion that Jess and Sahil had invested into the project. When I received my copy of the Samadhi Oracle this week, I could not have been more pleased!


Hinting at the beauty that lies within…


The Samadhi Oracle Deck arrives in a sturdy tin box with a beautifully carved logo on the top. The edges of the box are hand finished in an iridescent silk. From the outside in, the Samadhi Oracle Deck shines with love and handmade pride!


Surprise gift of wooden mala beads!


Inside the box there was a surprise – a wooden mala bead necklace, for prayer and meditation. What a perfect and delightful inclusion to pair with this deck of cards!


The handbound book contains 7 chapters as well as mantras.


Continuing with the charm of the Samadhi bearing the handiwork of it’s creators, the book is handbound in a silk cover, and features 7 chapters plus an introduction. Each chapter focuses on one set of the 44 cards, and include mantras spelled out phonetically for those of us who need assistance with our pronunciation.


A small selection of the 44 cards.


The cards themselves are wonderfully vibrant with a satin finish on fairly sturdy cardstock, and have a hand-cut feel to them. The imagery is positively intoxicating in a spiritual sense!


Terry Pratchett fans will get it!


The Samadhi Oracle will appeal to anyone with a yogic or meditation practice, or with an interest in eastern spirituality. Those who are accustomed to the super-slick packaging of commercially printed decks may find the handmade aesthetic rough around the edges, but I personally find extra value and charm in the fact that this deck has so much personal love and attention-to-detail invested into it. By the very nature of being handmade, each copy of the Samadhi Oracle Deck is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Although my main practice involves reading tarot, I acquired these cards with the idea that they would be good to take with me to gatherings where a full-on tarot reading is not always feasible. The bright colours and and complete message of each card seem well suited to the less structured reads that I prefer to share at such events. Now that I have them, I realize that they will also be a helpful component to my meditation practice. The Samadhi Oracle Deck presents itself as a real crowd pleaser, and I feel it will bring much light and joy to many people’s worlds – thank you for your beautiful work, Jess and Sahil!