A Simple Spring Equinox

On this year’s Vernal Equinox, I rose before the sun. Snow was softly falling from a darkened sky. This isn’t unusual in my northern homeland, where spring arrives much later than this day of balance between light and dark. We still have weeks to go before the first wildflowers will dare to pop thier heads out from Mama Earth’s embrace. Such is life in a northern town.


Though the calendar says it’s spring, Mother Nature moves at her own pace… Hanging at out The Witch Tree on the morning before the Vernal Equinox.


The sluggish pace of spring actually being sprung regardless of the Equinox’s arrival seems geared towards where i am currently at…

I haven’t been feeling quite my energetic self lately  – I’m looking at YOU to blame for this, evil DST! – and if I’m totally honest I’ve been failing miserably at wearing my Witchy Pagan Pants in favour of investing my time and energy into all of the everyday bullshit that is currently requiring my attention. While I am more than pleased to have relocated back to my homeland, I’ve been snowed under (a little seasonal humour there for ya – ha ha!) with the mundane aspects of getting our family re-established and legitimized here once again, and unfortunately, this means that my spiritual practice has been back-burnered because of it. Case in point: I spent the first 2.5 months after our arrival here totally oblivious as to Sister’s Moon’s lunar phases! Suffice to say, I was not prepared for any sort of formalized recognition or celebration when the Spring Equinox rolled around.

Observance of these seasonal celebrations needn’t be formal or complex, but for me, the observance has to at least take place.

Fortune had it that the clouds did thin and the sun made an appearance as I ventured out to speak with the trees and the sky and the grasses. The wind was cold, but evidence of the approaching thaw was present. As I walked, I touched the buds on the tree branches, stepped in the meltwater flowing out from under the ice, and threw my arms up to the sky in an expression of welcoming the cosmic shift towards increased daylight and warmed days ahead – Hey! I am here! And I see that the tipping point of the year is now truly turning towards our season of light!

Then it was back to werk for a few hours, because even us Witchy Pagans gotta bring home the bacon.

In the evening I pulled out my tarot cards for a Spring Equinox spread a friend had shared, and then prepared a simple meal to share with my love, which included trout and asparagus, two of our springtime favourites, albeit not locally sourced – I didn’t have the gumption to cut a hole through the ice and go fishing for myself, and it’ll be another 2 months before the ground here is warm enough to plant anything. Still, it was a meal made with thought towards celebrating the approaching spring season, and that was enough.


Celebrating the Spring Equinox with the Distant Past Tarot


Although it was nothing fancy, I did manage to feel connected to the season by these small gestures. And while I look forward to finding our own home where I will once again be able to structure in a more formalized spiritual practice, these simple observances served as a powerful touchstone to the natural world and the turning of the Wheel of the Year… Enough to bring satisfaction to my dear old witchy heart – and that’s what really matters in all of this.

Welcome, spring – we will be here ready and waiting for you when you do fully arrive.