Summer Solstice Sun & Moon

Here in the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice is nearly upon us. Also known as Midsummer’s Eve, Litha/Lithe, and the longest day of the year, the solstice marks the point where the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky, offering the maximum amount of daylight hours in the year. The Summer Solstice festival centers on celebrating not only this solar high point and the bounty and abundance that it fosters, but also the sacred union of the male and female aspects as embodied by the solar god, and the earthy goddess.



The last Full Moon to fall on the Summer Solstice occurred in 1948.


This celebration of sacred union between the male and female energies is heightened further this year, with the Full Moon taking place on the day of the Summer Solstice. Not only do the sun and moon balance one another by their respective masculine and feminine energies and the times that they occupy the sky, but the moon’s glow would not be possible without the reflection of the sun’s eternal flame. As such, the timing of this cosmic event is an especially auspicious time to work with harmonizing and balancing polaric aspects of our lives.

On this particular Summer Solstice, I find myself deep in work on some troubling shadow aspects of self.

It is a happy concurrence that this balancing and harmonizing work overlaps with the Summer Solstice Full Moon. The phase I am currently at in this work involves bringing this shadow aspect out into the light, and the tarot card that appeared in my New Moon spread seeking guidance on this subject happens to be The Sun of Life, which became paired with a moonstone for bringing light to this dark and neglected aspect of self.

Sun and Moon in balance, bringing dark out into the light, resolving and committing myself to a more profound sacred union with my own scarred psyche, all pretty much spot-on for the Full Moon/Summer Solstice alignment. It would be foolish to feel anything less than divinely supported in this work considering that the timing was not premeditated, yet could not be any more cosmically perfect.



The Sun Of Life from The Wildwood Tarot – placed at the Summer Solstice on the Wheel of the Year.


We who work magick understand that there is no such thing as coincidence…

It is with deep gratitude, awareness, and thankfulness that I approach this work at a time of universal alignment. Signposts such as these help me acknowledge and accept that even when I am in the midst of difficult work that involves the struggle of facing unpleasant realities, I am still very much in the flow of life – a happy reminder which I humbly and reverently accept.

However you choose to celebrate and observe the Summer Solstice, and wherever you are in working with being the best, most whole, authentic self you can be, I send you blessings of abundance, balance and harmony – may the rarely occurring dance between the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon bring us all a deeper, more scared union, not only with the divine and the planet, but with out own sacred selves.