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The Fool – Druidcraft Tarot


Dearest Fool, your journey is a siren’s call to me.

You travel, knowing not where you’re going to end up, yet you have the innocent faith of a child to trust that you will end up where you’re meant to be. You take unknown risks to follow your path, always believing the best is yet to come. You need nothing of the material things other than what little you carry in your pack. But truly, what is in your pack? Is it food? A warm cloak for the cold? Could it be your shoes, as they surely not on your feet? Or is it your dreams you carry in there? I think your pack isn’t big enough to hold all of them, for you must have many!

The faraway look in your eyes draws me to follow you. What are you thinking of? What grand adventure are you seeking? You haven’t a care in the world but to follow where your heart leads. You trust in the Universe to meet your needs.

You have your companion, the black greyhound, who we both know is the goddess, Cerridwen. So, dear Fool, you have a companion, and also a guardian to keep you safe, to comfort you, to encourage you forward into new and wonderful things. No wonder you show so much bravery for the unknown! What better friend to have than a goddess to watch over you!

No wonder you have no fear of the cliff you are about to step off of into the abyss! For between Cerridwen and your faith, I do believe you will sprout wings and fly!

My question I have for you dearest Fool is this, are you at the beginning of your journey?

Is this why you’re still full of hope for finding wonderful things, beautiful experiences, new ideas and new friends? Or have your journeys all been so fulfilling and amazing that you still have your innocence and belief that good still exists in the world?

People think you are truly a fool, but I think you have a hidden persona. You are the court jester in a king’s court. You act the fool, but underneath you are probably the wisest one of all. You are the true gatherer of information, the seeker of truth. You continue forever your travels to find truth in everything.
And in truth is beauty…

Take me with you Fool, for I believe you have wisdom beyond all others. I have faith that I too can step off that cliff with you and fly!


About the Author:

Melissa Amyx is a true Tarot Rebel who is currently involved in a passionate love affair with the Druidcraft tarot. Speak of Secrets is honoured to host her insightful ponderings on The Fool card from the Druidcraft Tarot as part of this month’s Tarot Rebels Blog Hop.


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