The Tarot Mentor Card

Learning a new tarot deck is a little like wandering out into the wilderness – there are all kinds of  new symbols, visual cues, and landscapes to explore! Each tarot deck invites us to learn it’s own style and means of communication, and this takes time and practice. The good news is that there’s no need to go it alone – enter the Tarot Mentor Card!

Have You Ever Asked Your Tarot Deck For a Guide?

I developed this technique when I first started working with The Wildwood Tarot, which is a journey not only through a landscape, but the Wheel of the Year as well. Having a guide as I made my way through the wood seemed most apt at the time, and continues to serve me well on my journey. Connecting to my Mentor Card is now one of the first exercises I engage in when working with a new deck.

Asking the deck itself for a mentor not only helps to pinpoint the best approach to working with a deck, but can highlight any strengths or weaknesses we may have in regards to working with that particular deck. It is also fascinating to observe where and when the Mentor Card makes an appearance, both in and outside of the main spread, as a shadow card or clarifier, for instance… The night before I was to do my first in-person reading with The Wildwood Tarot, I asked my deck if it was ready to make the leap from online reading to “live” reading –  I couldn’t have felt any more secure and confident about my appointment the next day than when the deck served up my mentor, The Shaman, in answer to that question!

wildwood shaman mentor card by

The Shaman – my Mentor Card for for working with the Wildwood Tarot.


Connecting With Your Mentor Card

Connecting with your Mentor Card is as easy as a single-card draw: I suggest separating out the deck and only working with the Major Arcana for this exercise. Shuffle the cards while focusing on the question including the name of the deck you are working with for extra clarity, as in “who is my mentor for the Wildwood Tarot?” When the cards have been thoroughly shuffled, draw a single card – you can do this by cutting the deck, pulling from the top or bottom, or fanning the cards and pulling one that you are drawn to, whatever feels right. Congratulations! You now have a mentor to accompany you on your journey with your tarot deck!

Each Mentor Card is going to have it’s own unique personality, energy, and message – some cards are very hands-on and will make thier presence know over and over again (if there is a major that’s been following you around ceaselessly, you may already have met your Mentor Card!) while others, like my Wildwood Shaman, are more hands-off, only making an appearance when needed. Investigating the light and shadow aspects of the Mentor Card assists in understanding how its message and energy applies to studying and working with the deck.


the red deck lovers mentor card by

The Lovers – my mentor card for working with The Red Deck.


The Mentor Card can show up to remind us of something, to give us a boost of confidence, or to point out something in the reading we may have otherwise overlooked. Being aware of how the Mentor Card manifests in the study of tarot adds an additional layer of meaning for those of us who read the cards.

Who is your mentor from the deck you are working with, and how have they shown up for you?