The Grandmother Of Time

Welcome to the first in a series of posts that will focus on my working with The Grandmother Of Time. I will be sharing some of my experiences of working with this seasonal goddess study over the next year.

I am not a big fan of working with other people’s magickal spells, but I have decided to suspend that preference in favour of exploring this text, and deepening my understanding of the various goddesses.You will also note that I don’t capitalize deity as “Goddess” which is also a personal choice – as a pantheist, I see the divine in and all around us, something that we cannot be separated from. It’s the same with spirit and science – they are one and the same in my understanding of things. If I were to capitalize deity, I would need to capitalize You and Me, and that’s just not going to happen. I will keep the capitalized “I” (and names, of course!) bc that is a part of grammar and a function of writing.

I’ve chosen to jump right in to this study now, in the month of September, rather than waiting for January to roll around, which is where the book itself starts. Zsuzsanna herself recommends working with the book as each individual sees fit rather than as it is sequentially laid out, so as you see, I have the very author’s blessing to do just that!

What I write here is my distillation of these studies and exercises. It is my personal interpretation and understanding of my experiences rather than parroting what Zsuzsanna has written, altho I may include brief snippets which have struck a deep resonance with me. I would hope that everyone who works with this book would come to thier own unique conclusions. I know that at the very least, I certainly will! Feel free to engage on these musings in the comments whether you are of the magickal ilk or not – I welcome all perspectives!

The Grandmother Of Time by Zsuzanna Budapest will be my magickal companion over the next 365 days.

September – The Muse

September is a fine month to have finally picked up this book, as it focuses on The Muse, which is an energy I’ve been feeling rather bereft of for these past several years. My life has always been about creativity, mostly in the form of visual arts. I used to draw every day, it was as natural a part of my daily existence as breathing! I admit that over the past few years I have looked at myself in the mirror and wondered where all that latent talent has gone. Why did my love for drawing evaporate, and even more perplexing, WHEN did it vanish? A part of me wants to pin this on my career – I spend 40 hours a week expending my creative energy on other people’s projects, and for the most part, this is done on computers. When I get home, I want to do anything BUT be creative!

Okay, so maybe that has drained the well that feeds my long-lost drawing addiction, but I admit that I’m creative in other ways: I decorate our home, I prepare meals with intent, I design gardens, I problem solve with extraordinary creative flair! I tell stories and make all kinds of artworks in my head. The Muse is still there, it’s just manifesting in different forms! Still, I lament my first true experience of her – creating visual artworks with my hands.

My hope for meeting and working with this goddess over the next month is that I will once again find that expression of myself.

Zsuzsanna expresses The Muse as the opposite of war – it is the creativity which spawns culture and beauty. In reading the goddess’s message, I am most struck by the following passages:

In the act of creating art, you worship me.
I will respond to you if you ask for my assistance.

Why don’t you visit me more often?
What are you saving yourself for?

Today we have given our home a deep clean in anticipation of incoming guests. As I was tidying a workspace in the basement, the above passages echoed in my consciousness. I admit I have not been making the time to commune with The Muse, but more than that, I haven’t even made the physical space available for her to visit with me! I looked at the space before me and decided that I would finally work towards claiming it as my creative workspace, as I had envisioned it when we first viewed this wonderful house that was to become our home. There is counter space for materials, cupboards and drawers for supplies, a comfortable and adjustable chair in which to perch myself, and even a space to hang up a bulletin board to pin goals, aspirations, and inspiration on! All I really need is a desk lamp so I can avoid working under the overhead fluorescent lighting.

I turned to my partner, and spilled all this out to him. He smiled at me, and said “about time.”

Well played, Grandmother of Time. I knew not how you would affect me when I picked up your tome last night before going into dreamland, but I see you and your consorts are already making your imprint upon me, and for the better.

Before this month is up, I will have comfortable and permanent digs for The Muse to visit, and help me explore those creative pathways I thought were forever lost.