Hangin’ With The Hanged Man

When Tarot Rebels offered up Vulnerability In Tarot as the topic for the February Blog Hop, I anticipated sharing my thoughts on the subject in terms of the experiences of the reader or seeker. Yet when it came time to actually write down my thoughts, I felt drawn to explore the major arcana card that  represents my Life Path Card for the year 2018 instead.

My Life Path Card for 2018 is The Hanged Man.


“Hey grrrl… Wanna hang?” – 2015 Samahian Edition Deck of the Bastard


So where do I draw the connection between The Hanged Man and vulnerability?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see this card is suspension – I’ve had the Hanged Man represent physical injury in readings – whether self-imposed, or chosen for us, the theme of the Hanged Man’s acceptance of stasis requires becoming comfortable with vulnerability. The Hanged Man’s suspended animation  is not about relaxing into a groove, but rather finding comfort with what could be an indefinite hold.

it’s actually rather zen when you think about it.

The Hanged Man doesn’t struggle against his bonds that suspend him upside down to his understanding of the world, but finds a way to accept that position, and the stillness that it demands. It leaves us vulnerable in the sense that it can encourage us not to take action – this can be challenging if like me you are a make-a-decision-and-act-on-it kinda person like I am, but therein lies the value of its lesson: we learn how to passively receive the gifts that life has in store for us.

Putting our own choices aside in favour of what works for the bigger picture requires empathy and compassion. It require us to think outside of our own needs, and possibly even sacrifice those desires. There is strength exhibited in that kind of vulnerability, rather than martyrdom. This is the paradox of the Hanged Man.

Examining whether we are embracing the light or shadow aspects of the Hanged Man is key finding the gift in what can be a challenging theme.


Some modern decks have renamed this card “Awakening” in an effort to make its message more readily accessible – The Distant Past Tarot


The Hanged Man reminds me that this is my year for watching and waiting. Like Odin hanging from the great tree of Yggdrasil, opening ourselves up to accepting a vulnerable position can lead to new knowledge – I sometimes like to think of this card as “the pause that refreshes.”

the hanged man’s energy may very well turn our world upside down, leaving us exposed and vulnerable, but he brings us valuable lessons as well… acceptance. surrender. selflessness. patience. release.

So this year, I accept the challenge of just being. I’m going to take this call to inaction as a gift in which I may gather my energy, and passively accept what the world has to offer me without overly extending the reach of my will.

After a year of intense manifestation, I have to say that I am looking forward to hangin’ with the Hanged Man.


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