The Marshmallow Marseille

Second Edition

When I heard that Wandering Oracle was taking the first edition of The Marshmallow Marseille Tarot Deck out -of-print, and would be releasing a second edition, all I could think was “ho-hum.” How would they improve upon the deck in any way that I’d need to add a second edition to my tarot library? The answer should have been obvious – they’d appeal to the magpie in me:


The second edition Marshmallow Marseille positively sparkles!


Those sneaky bastards at Wandering Oracle found a way to separate this Fool and her money – they added SPARKLE! Fortunately, they also added a discount and free-shipping offer if you pre-ordered the second edition, so at the last minute I hopped on the bandwagon, and brought home another copy of this charming little deck.


The newly designed box sparkles as well.


Folks will be happy to hear that the box the cards come in has been redesigned in a way which protects the deck much better than the tuck box that came with the first edition, which was notorious for opening up while the deck was in the post so that it would arrive open with cards scattered within the envelope. The second edition box is solid and sturdy, with a magnetic closure. It opens like a book rather than the previous top-opening tuck box, and remains secure once closed.


2nd edition on the left, 1st edition on the right.


The cards themselves are the same size and just as bright and colourful a print as those from the 1st edition. The cardstock is thicker and sturdier, and while still glossy, they cards don’t slide as slickly as the 1st edition cardstock. This is the one element I prefer in the 1st edition: the slicker surface and more flexible stock makes them a dream to shuffle and fan. It’s a small detail though, and one that does not detract from the overall experience of working with the cards.


Seriously – how could I be expected to resist this?

The added holographic sparkle drew me in like a moth to a flame. I didn’t *need* another copy of this sweet-toothed tarot deck, but there was no way I could resist it’s siren call of colour and shine. Other magpie-minded witches who horde glittering gems like a dragon, or  dream in rainbows like a unicorn will undoubtedly feel the same way. If the allure of this bright and shiny deck is calling out to be added to your own treasure trove of tarot, rest assured that the second edition of the Marshmallow Marseille has the Speak of Secrets seal of approval… I regret nothing!