How I Stopped Worrying And

Learned To Love The Starchild Tarot

As a spinoff to the Tarot Rebels Guilty Pleasures in Tarot blog hop, this month’s hop asked us to read with a tarot deck in our collection that we hadn’t read with yet. Given that last month’s’ blog hop gave me the kick in the ass I needed to become more familiar with The Starchild Tarot, I decided to continue the trend and try a reading with it.

Waiting until having a reason to explore a deck by actually reading with it sounds pretty silly, I admit. But I also admit that I bought this deck in particular for a pretty silly and shallow reason – I think it’s pretty.


The Starchild is a complete and high-quality tarot package.


Let me start out by saying that The Starchild is an extremely high-quality deck that comes in a beautifully designed and sturdy box. The guide book is a plethora of information, including symbology, chakra, and crystal correspondances plus spiritual guides for each of the major arcana. I know fellow tarot readers who bought the deck for this information alone! The cards themselves are sturdy, have a matte finish, and are gilded on the edges. The borderless images are detailed and dreamy, and lean towards the lavender end of the spectrum rather than being overly pink as I had anticipated. The deck has some similarities to the Rider-Waite-Smith, and some departures. 7 of the major arcana have been redefined and softened, and an additional 22nd card titled The Akashic Records is included in the deck. The deck has also reimagined the earthy suit of Coins as Crystals.


The Starchild has redefined and softened several of the major arcana: Starseed= Fool, Serenity = Hermit, Perspective = Hanged Man, Transformation = Death, Oppression = Devil, Awakening = Judgement, The Universe = The World.


Generally speaking, softened cards do not appeal to me, although I do admit that redefining Judgement to Awakening appeals to me greatly – the traditional Judgement card with it’s trumpeting angels and resurrected dead is a little too heavy on the Christian concept of things for this witchy Pagan’s understanding of the concept. I am also pleased that the Starchild follows the traditional placement of Strength at 8, and Justice at 11.

the mentor card

One of the first things I ever do with a deck is to draw a Mentor Card. Usually I separate out the majors for this, but this time I drew from the entire deck.


The Universe as Mentor, and Chariot as Shadow Card.

My Mentor card for The Starchild is The Universe, which fits with the thought that this cosmic deck might play well in helping me sort out dream interpretation. Co-incidentally, I also happened to check the card at the bottom of the deck on this draw as well, which is not a concrete habit in my practice. The Starchild gave me The Chariot, which was rather apt as it was on the night of the Full Moon, and I had just finished a meditation session with the goddess Luna and her silver horse-drawn chariot. Already the Starchild was proving itself not only by connecting so sweetly to the cosmic events of the day, but by assisting me in breaking out of set patterns!

the deck interview

I tend to make my first read with any deck an interview, using 6 standard questions. I read these cards intuitively based on my understanding of the cards in-general and influenced by what I get off of the particular deck I am working with at the time. I also refer to the text in the accompanying guidebook to see how close or far off the mark I am from the intended meaning. Sometimes I disagree with the book’s meaning simply because I don’t see the prescribed message in the image of card itself, and will generate my own understanding of it independent of what it’s intended meaning may be. Interestingly enough, for a deck I never intended to read with, most of my interpretations aligned with the intended messages of the cards:


The Deck Interview


 What is your most important characteristic: 7 of Cups – This card immediately struck me as the deck saying that it is going to require me to open myself to a very different perspective in how I choose to read the cards. Given my original bias against actually reading with this deck, I also feel there is a message here about there being is a wealth of treasure to be found in what I had imagined to be a barren landscape.

What are your strengths as a deck: 10 of Wands – For me, the imagery of the sensual dance as shown on this card doesn’t jibe with it’s intended meaning, which aligns with the traditional interpretation of being overwhelmed/overburdened by external forces. Instead, my intuitive hit with this card carries a theme of flowing movement and mirroring, in the way that self-reflection thru shadow work can help us to integrate those unknow sides of ourselves. In this sense, I feel the strength of the deck is in encouraging the reader to dance with thier subconscious.

What are your limits as a deck: Temperance – The theme of balance as being limited says to me that this deck may be better suited towards specialized applications rather than for general readings. The funny thing about Temperance appearing in the limited position is that the spread itself is balanced with each suit and a major being represented. It made me wonder if this deck if messing with my head!

What are you here to teach me: 6 of Swords –  The Starchild is here to teach me to lay down the logical swords of thought, and depart from my usual way of working with a deck. There is a need to depart from what is already known, and to enter the void of intuiting the cards without outside guidance.

How best do I learn and collaborate with you: 8 of Wands – The wands leading upwards like a staircase to the cosmic skies beyond the solid temple walls makes me feel as though I am being beckoned to move with the deck, and allow it to lead me in the direction it wants to go. This card asks me if I will rise to the occasion of its invitation to step away from the solid footing I know and love… Given this interview, I  definitely feel that The Starchild is the sort of dance partner who is adamant about leading!

What is the possible outcome of our relationship: King of Crystals – The Starchild brings it back down to earth to assure me that after all of the previous lofty, dreamy cards, that it is more practical and grounded than I might be lead to believe…

After reading these cards and feel like there might be some sort of cosmic joke being played, I asked the deck for one more card to answer whether it was messing  with me or not, and received Perspective, as in “it’s all a matter of perspective, man…”  That made me chuckle, if not for the very reason that it was putting it all back on me to figure out!

I do feel as tho The Starchild will be a fine partner for tapping into those subconscious outer reaches of myself that may speak less loudly than with other decks that I find easier to interpret – I could see this deck as being a good gateway for learning how to read the traditional decks with non-illustrated pips. This was my first stab at reading with a deck I never imagined really reading with. It was challenging, but also interesting to see that most of my interpretations aligned somewhat with the intended meanings of the cards. I’m curious to see where it will all go from here, and will make an effort to include The Starchild in my reads to try and grow my understanding of it.

Do you read with The Starchild Tarot? I’d love to hear what folks more experienced with the deck think of my interview with it – please share your thoughts in a comment, and help me to become better acquainted with this deck!

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