True Love Tarot

The Wildwood Tarot was my first true tarot deck, and while I appreciate all of the decks that I work with, The Wildwood remains as the deck of my heart, my true tarot love!

I studied The Wildwood exclusively for over a year before I opened myself up to reading with other decks. In the past 6 months, I haven’t been working with tarot as much as usual, and not at all with my Wildwood. Having an important choice to make meant consulting my old friend again, so last night I reconnected with the deck, by spending some time shuffling it. I then pulled a card asking if it was ready to work with me again: 5 of Vessels – Ecstasy. Easily one of my favourite cards in the deck, with The Shaman, my mentor card for The Wildwood as the shadow card. I’d say that is an enthusiastic YES!


Aw, but I’m so pleased to reconnect with you, Wildwood!


What was your first tarot deck? What attracted you to it? Is it still your most special deck, or have you moved on to another?