Welcome, Autumn – Welcome, Darkness

It’s that most wonderful time of the year where the foliage dons its colourful finery, and the heart turns inward… While it is true that’s I love all the seasons so much that it’s difficult to pick a favourite, there’s something extra special about autumn.

the first official day of autumn falls on the autumnal equinox, where there is an equal balance between light and dark.

As the earth tips on it’s axis, those of us in the northern hemisphere gain additional hours of darkness. It’s an exciting time – we are still pulling in the harvest, and preparing the land and ourselves for the scarcities of the colder months. What approaches is a time of dreams, rest, and reflection. It is the Wheel of the Year’s cyclical version of “take five.”


equinox owls

The Equinox is the point in the year where there is perfect balance between light and dark.


On this day of balance, I take time to reflect on what I have accomplished, and what studies I would like to immerse myself in the coming months of downtime. This year has been a full one, with an international relocation, the start a new gig, and the purchase and moving into of a quiet little country home. There is much to be thankful for, and while my usual spiritual practice took a bit of a hit while living in limbo, magickal timing has been with me all along – moving into our new home on the day of Lammas for instance has been one of the sweetest personal harvests of all!

the liminal nature of the equinox allows us the opportunity to not only honour both our light/active and dark/receptive natures, but to gently shift gears in harmony with the wheel of the year.

While the optimal time of day for an Equinox celebration falls at noontime, there is no harm in pushing that in favour of honouring those commitments we have to the mundane world – I have a full day of work in-house scheduled at the studio, so my Equinox celebration will take place later on this evening, where I will light two candles – one white and one black – and recite the following invocation which I wrote for the occasion:


Thank you, Light!

Accept my gratitude for the bounty you have brought –

Those sweet days of spring and summer,

Those days of external growth and expansion.

May you bless those you now shine upon

And bring bounty to all corners of the land.


Hail, Darkness!

Greetings and warm welcome to your arrival –

I honour your approach, and draw inward with comfort,

As I warmly embrace your gifts of quiet reflection.

Bless us all as we turn inwards to nurture our souls,

And prepare ourselves for deeper enlightenment.


May the turning of the seasons bless you and yours with the growth you seek; whether that be the internal nature of  the dark time, or the external expression of the light!